LED Walls 2019-06-24T14:54:16+00:00

Not that long ago, you would only have seen an LED wall at huge sports stadiums and Times Square, but with advances in technology, businesses of any size can use their own LED wall. An LED wall is essentially several small LED displays mounted on a flat panel working together to make one large display. This display is large and bright, functioning as an effective way to stand out in a crowd.

These displays grab AND hold customers’ attention and have a much larger viewing angle than typical signage. Businesses are using LED walls in unique ways including social media walls, stage backdrops and even live video displays during events.

A few things you’ll want to think about if you are considering an LED wall are:

  • How close will viewers be to the wall?
  • How much space do you have to display the wall?
  • How bright does the display need to be?
  • What is the primary purpose?

Viewers’ Distance: The closer the viewer is to the wall, the higher pixel density you’ll need.

Wall Space: What display size will be the most efficient for your space to help your audience get the most out of your investment.

Brightness: If you have a lot of natural light in the room where the LED wall will be displayed, the brighter the display, the more vibrant your content will look.

Primary Purpose: Is this a road side display showing static images or is this a dynamic video wall showing live sports or cameras? We can help you find the best display solution for you!